Next Steps


  • Delegate Dana Stein sponsored HB1486 in the House of Delegates entitled “Teachers and Teacher Preparation Programs: Research -Based Reading Instruction”.  The Synopsis of the Bill states: “Requiring the Professional Standards and Teacher Education Board, on or before January 1, 2019 to require a candidate for a certificate to teach specified students to pass a test of research-based reading instruction, requiring the Board and the State Board of Education jointly to set the passing score for the test, subject to a specified condition; requiring the Board and the State Board jointly to set standards for the delivery of research-based reading instruction by teacher preparation programs in the State, etc.  HB 1486 may be read, in its entirety, here.  Coalition members scheduled to testify include Right to Read-Maryland co-chairs, Barbara Donick and Ellen Stein, and coalition members, Dr. Ann Bain,  Dr. Walter Dunson (Executive Director of Cardinal Reading Strategies), Ben Shifrin (Head of Jemicy School), Marty McGowan (Head of Jemicy Lower School), Steve Buettner (Head of Baltimore Lab School) and Jackie Wander Paris (Executive Director of Read Adventures).


  • Right to Read-Maryland (co-chairs, Barbara Donick, Ellen Stein, and Cheri Crow) will be meeting with 14 House Delegates who are members of the Education Sub-Committee of the Ways and Means Committee to advocate for this bill on February 14th, 17th, and 22nd, 2017.


  • Right to Read-Maryland will continue to advocate to delegates within the Maryland state legislature.